Our Story

We are minority owned business, incorporated in March 2019 in the state of Delaware with a capitalization of $50,000. With the pandemic starting the next year we were shut down. The recovery in New York was painfully slow in 2020.
We have extensive background in proximity marketing on a community level. And we are 100% digital.This focus we have is on a local level in a specific neighborhood, say a town. In many parts of the country the communities overlap on one another which can be greatly beneficial.

It’s here! This APP is here, and the way we do Business has change forever.

The funds needed is $40,000 and is our goal. Almost all of it will be used for licensing rights for the platform required. Using wifi, Bluetooth, cell phone technology, satellites and whatever, the platform is robust and unique.

Our core beliefs and passion have all been about supporting the locally owned small to medium sized businesses with technologies that local big box brands cannot compete with. That’s why we make our multi-million dollar patented technology available to various entity’s like Chambers of Commerce, city governments or municipalities, economic development entities, local entrepreneurs, or local marketing agencies who share our love and devotion to helping local small businesses thrive in today’s big box brand dominant society.