Cell Phone Marketing Strategy

Cell Phone Marketing Strategy

Cell phones have become so ubiquitous you would likely be taken aback if a customer told you he didn’t have one. It’s not just your perception; in 2011, the majority of Americans — 83 percent — owned a cell phone, according to “Entrepreneur” magazine, and almost half of those were smartphones. By 2014 it’s predicted

The Smartphone Effect on Marketing and Advertising

The shift toward increasing smartphone usage that began in the early 2000s meant that advertisers and marketers had to adjust their strategies and campaigns accordingly to accommodate for mobile. For instance, companies without a mobile-friendly website risked losing valuable exposure on Google Inc.’s (GOOG) web search queries. That’s because in 2015 Google changed its algorithm

Mobile Marketing – Be Where Your Customers Are!

Mobile marketing and mobile advertising are, and this no over-exaggeration believe me – exploding and will continue to explode well into the future. Consumers by the boatload are using their cell phone to do everything, including shop, AKA spend money which is why it’s so vital for B2C marketers to cast their marketing lines where