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Carpet Seam Repairs

If part of your carpet is coming up, it may be seam that’s to blame. Lift the carpet just a bit to see what’s under there. If what you see looks like some sort of industrial tape, then yes, it’s coming apart at the seams.

Based on where the underlying damage is, we use different methods of repairing seams. In the first case, if the problem is that a part of the seam tape has lost its grip, the solution is pretty simple. All we need to do is use premium adhesive over the seam tape and evenly press the backing of the carpet into the tape. This kind of seam damage usually occurs when the seam tape was either under melted or over melted at the time of carpet installation.

The simplest form of carpet seam repair is when most of the seam is fine but a portion of the seam tape has lost its grip on the carpet backing. This usually happens when the seam tape was over melted or under melted during the original installation. It can also happen due to carpet cleaning or carpet flooding. If this is the case you may only need to use your glue gun to apply a generous portion of glue to the seam tape that’s under the carpet and press the carpet backing into the glue.