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Thank you for visiting my website! I am 14 years old and in 9th grade. I’ve been learning Mandarin since 6th grade. I love studying Mandarin with my classmates and learning more about the Chinese culture. In my classes we learn a lot about Chinese culture in food, music, theater, and celebrate some traditional holidays. I love singing in Chinese and sharing my interest. I speak Chinese wherever I can to really learn the language. I really hope to go to China one day and learn all about it!

Award for excellent performance in The "Little Golden Mic" Chinese Language Competition
LI Youth Talent Show - Certificate of Participation in LI Youth Chinese Culture Talent Show
6th Grader Avery sang at the Lunar New Year Celebration at the Tilles Center for the Performing Arts.

When it came time to choose my second language at school, I chose Mandarin because it’s the most-widely spoken language on planet Earth, and with a long 5,000-year history, there is so much to learn about this rich culture, history, and language!
I’ve been very lucky to have a really wonderful Chinese teacher, who has also been a mentor of mine. She nominated me for a few contests where I spoke, sang, and even delivered traditional poetry in Mandarin in front of live audiences. I plan on continuing my study of Mandarin for the long term, I and hope to travel to China and utilize my Mandarin skills during my career and entire life! Please check out a few of my Mandarin Adventures in the links below!!

Mandarin Characters

感谢您访问我的网站! 我今年14岁,九年级。 我从六年级开始学习普通话。 我喜欢和同学们学习普通话,并更多地了解中国文化。 在课堂上,我们从饮食,音乐,戏剧中学习了很多有关中国文化的知识,并庆祝了一些传统的节日。 我喜欢用中文唱歌,并分享自己的兴趣。 我会尽我所能真正地学习中文。 我真的希望有一天能去中国学习有关它的一切!

在学校选择第二语言的时候,我选择了普通话,因为它是地球上使用最广泛的语言,并且已有5,000多年的悠久历史,因此对于了解这种丰富的文化,历史和 语言! 我很幸运有一位非常出色的中文老师,他也是我的导师。 她提名我参加了一些比赛,我在现场观众面前说,唱歌,甚至用普通话讲传统诗歌。 我计划长期继续学习普通话,我希望能到中国旅行并在我的职业生涯和整个人生中运用自己的普通话技能! 请在下面的链接中查看我的一些普通话冒险!

Avery Mandarin LICAA Lunar New Year VOICE IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE – February 2018
LICAA 2019 Lunar New Year talent contest
Participating in the “Little Golden Mic” Chinese Language & Talent Competition in NYC- November 2019 Golden Mic Chinese language contest
Learning to speak Mandarin and having fun! – January 2019
Studying at home and producing a video for class

Science and Experimentation

The reason I really love learning and doing hands-on science starts with the fact that there’s never an end to what we can learn about the world around us! Whether that’s in something as simple as understand why the states of matter work as they do or outlining an experiment around the large and global problem of Climate Change and Green Energy. We need to work together to bring renewable, clean energy solutions into practice on a scale that will reverse the course we’ve put Earth on, and I know that science and math are the way to make that happen.

Avery Davis (7th Grade) recently competed in the Long Island Science Congress.

To have the opportunity to be a part of the solution to these world-wide and major issues is an amazing feeling and right now at least, I think my future will be spent in this pursuit.
My love of science developed around the age of five when I was first introduced to various camps or science classes. I was so eager to take my newfound curiosity about the world to ask questions and figure out why things work. Science to me is the best way students can express their interest in creative and resourceful ways and really learn and understand more about the world around them in an organized and effective way, using the scientific method.


I’ve always loved the elegance and precision of math, algebra and my current course, geometry. Figuring out why something is the way it is using Math is EXCITING!

Whenever I’m stumped with a math problem or proof, I try to look at it in a new way and if that doesn’t work, I ask my peers or teachers to help me find a different perspective in solving it. I’m looking forward to continuing my study of Math and I plan to go as far as possible in all the fields offered.

7th Grader Avery Davis earned a third place award at the Long Island Science fair. Avery Studied the effects of carbon dioxide on fruit flies.

I’m really proud and still excited about a math paper I wrote for a contest in which I achieved the highest gold medal honor award, as well as several scientific studies and papers I have developed, carried out and documented with the help of my after-school science mentor and summer school astronomy teacher over the last couple of years. Please check them out in the links below!

The Vitruvian Man, Nature, and Breakthrough Applications Brought to Life Using The Fibonacci Numbers and The Golden Ratio