FREE Pickup and Delievery
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Free Pick Up and Delievery

Free Pick Up and Delievery

Our service includes movement of your furniture and full inspection of your rug prior to taking it for cleaning. Upon completion, our office will call and schedule a time for delivery.

We Can Restore any Oriental Rug

Any rug issue can be handled by our staff. Whether reweaving, or major restoration, we can do the job. We are certified with skills that can take away all your worries with your valuable Oriental rugs.

Careful Cleaning by Hand

Restore your Oriental Rugs at 4 Rug Care. We take care of the oriental rugs and restore it to its former glory and appeal. We clean the carpets by hand so that no stain remains unattended.

Pet Damage Carpet

We get calls to repair carpet damage from dogs and cats more than practically any other cause of carpet damage. Pets will claw, scratch, bite, chew and urinate on your carpet for any number of reasons. Did your kitty, doggy, birdie, piggy or other pet try to dig its way out of the room? Pets