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Carpet Repair Services – Holes, Rips, Tears & Burns

Carpet Repair Services – Holes, Rips, Tears & Burns

SAVE ON CARPET REPLACEMENTS BY CHOOSING A REPAIR INSTEAD There’s no need to throw out your entire carpet just because you have a problem area. Not only do we offer expert carpet cleaning, but we can also provide you with a variety of high-quality repairs that are seamlessly integrated with your existing carpet. Rip and

Carpet Seam Repairs

If part of your carpet is coming up, it may be seam that’s to blame. Lift the carpet just a bit to see what’s under there. If what you see looks like some sort of industrial tape, then yes, it’s coming apart at the seams. Based on where the underlying damage is, we use different

Pet Damage Carpet

We get calls to repair carpet damage from dogs and cats more than practically any other cause of carpet damage. Pets will claw, scratch, bite, chew and urinate on your carpet for any number of reasons. Did your kitty, doggy, birdie, piggy or other pet try to dig its way out of the room? Pets

Carpet Stretching

A wavy or wrinkled carpet is not only aesthetically unappealing but is also a safety hazard to anybody walking on them. You could easily trip, fall and injure yourself on a rippled carpet. And in case this happens in a commercial space, you could even face a lawsuit for causing injury to the person involved.

Berber Carpet Repairs

Beautiful Berber carpet can also fall victim to warping and bulging. After years of enjoying your carpet, foot traffic, humidity and everyday use can cause carpets to bulge, wrinkle, and bubble. Not only do these problems decrease the aesthetics of a room, they can even cause potential injury from tripping. Wrinkles and bulges provide uneven

Carpet Stair Repair

When some damages happen on your stairs, they are always the most visible ones. The stairs are the first place that the carpet shows signs of damage. This damage may be caused by wear and tear, dirt and grime, or basically pets. Repair of stair carpet can be difficult but, of course, it depends on the

Carpet Holes and Rips

When that hole in your carpet is not a game any more we can help! Holes, Rips & Burns may look like a done deal and you may think that your carpet has seen the last of its days, but we have a team that can evaluate & treat your carpet and bring it back to