Cell Phone Marketing Strategy

Cell phones have become so ubiquitous you would likely be taken aback if a customer told you he didn’t have one. It’s not just your perception; in 2011, the majority of Americans — 83 percent — owned a cell phone, according to “Entrepreneur” magazine, and almost half of those were smartphones. By 2014 it’s predicted that more 80 percent of cell phones will be web-enabled, allowing their owners to browse the Internet from virtually any location. Ignoring your customers’ cell phone usage could mean lost revenue for your business — and possibly losing customers to a competitor who has implemented a cell phone marketing strategy.

Take advantage of location-based applications such as Foursquare to engage your mobile-savvy customers, offer them rewards and increase your business profile. By “checking in” when they patronize your business, they can be eligible for rewards, and your business gets increased visibility to other users and on social media. Encourage your customers to review your business products and services on online sites and social media; be sure you stay on top of these reviews and postings so you can address any concerns.

The cellphone market is growing rapidly, driven by increasing data-handling capability requirements by customers, as well as competition among manufacturers. Whether you want to start or improve on the management of a cellphone store, several strategies can enhance your bottom line, in addition to efficient customer service that has been extensively trained. Plan and prepare for new challenges by having a business plan and keeping abreast of smartphone technology to stay on top of the game.