How it Works

What is this all about?

Digital Market Ads sends your message to your customers as they drive by your store. Your message goes to the customers smart phone, Android or IOS. Not an e.mail, not a text, not geo-fencing. It’s like magic.
Say this again… as your customer drives by your store going 15, 40 miles an hour, NETcinity sends a message/ notification to their smart phone be it IOS or Android. The notification can say anything you wish, ie, discount, special sale, coupon etc.

This is a small business revolution.
And it changes a lot of things. People aren’t reading print media as much as they use to. And if they live in Sayville and the store with the ad is in Glen Cove chances are they won’t go. These notifications go to your customers in your town!
What is the lead time for a print ad or radio/TV commercial?
Days? A week? Your NETcinity portal can change instantly and the changes are unlimited.

Digital Market Ads has developed the world’s first ever interactive local community smart app. Everything is designed for local communities, and the small to medium business to be on the same playing field as the big box stores. The platform uses a Beacon. NETcinity did not invent Beacons. They empowered it by doing something never done before. The community app as well as the Beacon technology, provided them the tools to complete the Bluetooth marketing platform service which has a patent they own.

The Beacon, the community app, the phone and their servers work together seamlessly to provide instant notifications for local business owners to the end users smart phone. While they are in the proximity of one or more of the Beacons. They call this, “Just in time Marketing”.

“Just in time marketing,” is when the smart phone user is in the vicinity of the store owner. They send out a message through the Beacon and then the cell phone user gets a nudge to check out this notification
There are stores that are using Beacons like Target and Macy’s, even McDonalds, that are using it inside their business. This system works with their company apps; this is geo-fencing.
Digital Market Ads What’s The Difference

With the big companies such as Target, McDonalds only customers inside the store know of the deals. With Digital Market Ads this system can tell potential customers that are in the store, just walking or driving in the vicinity of their store.
The last sentence marks the difference. The big companies have to have the customer in the store. With Digital Market Ads the customer can be in the store, walking on the sidewalk OR driving by. The driving by is the key to contact your customer every day as they drive by. Keeping your name out there 24/7.

Now let’s take this a step further… let’s say you have an app for your store already. How do you notify your customers? Will they go on the web and down load your app? NETcinity can tie your app to your Digital Market Ads portal so your customers get your notifications. AND THEN SEE YOUR APP.

Do your customers get the local newspaper and see your print add. Do they even get the paper? If they do, the paper covers a large area; would this reader drive 15, 20 miles to your store?
Digital Market Ads thinks your customers live in your Community.

We keep talking about “your customers” over and over. Look around your establishment. There they are… looking, eating, shopping, buying. And for you Ms. Smith, a network for your stores can and will be built; the coverage will cover your communities.