Math, Science & Mandarin Study


I’ve always loved the elegance and precision of math, algebra and my current course, geometry. Figuring out why something is the way it is using Math is EXCITING!

Whenever I’m stumped with a math problem or proof, I try to look at it in a new way and if that doesn’t work, I ask my peers or teachers to help me find a different perspective in solving it. I’m looking forward to continuing my study of Math and I plan to go as far as possible in all the fields offered.

7th Grader Avery Davis earned a third place award at the Long Island Science fair. Avery Studied the effects of carbon dioxide on fruit flies.

I’m really proud and still excited about a math paper I wrote for a contest in which I achieved the highest gold medal honor award, as well as several scientific studies and papers I have developed, carried out and documented with the help of my after-school science mentor and summer school astronomy teacher over the last couple of years. Please check them out in the links below!

The Vitruvian Man, Nature, and Breakthrough Applications Brought to Life Using The Fibonacci Numbers and The Golden Ratio