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I am very fortunate to come from a musical family. My father and mother both grew up playing the piano and value music very much. I’ve been lucky and blessed that my parents have always taken me and my siblings to many concerts, musicals, operas, and ballets growing up.
Since my parents both had wonderful experiences with music, they encouraged me to play and instrument also. From a young age, I chose the violin because the sounds this instrument make (when played well!) are the most beautiful on Earth in my opinion (icon of beautiful sunrise or birds and music notes or something) and the curved figure and fittings of the string instrument are a work of art by themselves.

I really enjoy studying the violin and viola and sharing my results!
Playing Corelli's Christmas Concerto with Gemini String Orchestra - December 2019

I’ve been studying the violin since about age 4, and I added the viola around age 10. My Dad even accompanies me on the piano sometimes, which is always fun. I plan to continue studying and playing these instruments my whole life, as I really enjoy the challenge, and when a scale, arpeggio, exercise or piece of music comes together and I play it well, it’s like no other feeling on Earth! The violin and viola really allow me to express my emotions musically and I love playing as a soloist and in orchestras. I’ve been very lucky to have an exceptional violin and viola teacher in my life for many years as well as an outstanding conductor and mentor.

I was invited to sing in the Mandarin talent competition at the Long Island Chinese American Association 2018 Lunar New year celebration at Tilles Center in Brookville, NY!
Singing "Simple Gifts" at Matinecock Meeting House with my sisters and brother for a Friends Academy holiday event.

I’ve also done quite a bit of singing with a few lessons along the way, both solo and in choruses and musical productions. I really enjoy this and plan to continue singing throughout my education.

Please check out my “Violin and Viola Progress Videos” in the links below!!

Playing Corelli’s Christmas Concerto with Gemini String Orchestra – December 2019
My violin journey – May 2017 (Bourrée, J.S. Bach)
My violin journey – Feb 2019 (Gavotte in D Major, J.S. Bach)
My violin journey – May 2018 (Gavotte in G Minor, J.S. Bach)
My violin journey – April 2020 (Concerto in A minor, Op. 3, No. 6, 1st Mvt., A. Vivaldi)
My viola journey – May 2018 (Two folk songs)
My viola journey – April 2019 (La Cinquantaine, Gabriel-Marie, arr. Etling)