#60 JULY 1995



IntellaVoice, a stand-alone X-lO message controller from Intella-Home, provides voice annunciation for X-10-based home automation systems owners customize their own announcements to accompany key X- 10 events The voice-to-EEPROM storage retains messages even without power. Its built-in microphone and automatic-gain circuits produce high-quality natural voice reproduction. Up to eight, nearly 10 second announcements can be recorded. The onboard processor monitors the power line using the X-10, TW523 interface, for key event commands, then plays the correct announcement for that event.

Intella-Home, a security and home automation installer for over four years, has been using its' IntellaVoice units exclusively in private installations up to now. Announcements can be heard through the built-in speaker or sent to whole-house audio systems through the supplied auxiliary output jack. Owners of automated homes can enjoy a personal wake-up message white the coffee is brewing or a bedside warning when a yard motion detector is triggered. IntellaVoice can even announce hidden automation activity like "lowering air conditioning" or "water heater's off." The unit comes pre-programmed to accept voice messages without extensive user setup and may be recorded thousands of times without loss of quality.

IntellaVoice sells for $379.

Intella-Home, Inc.
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