Math, Science & Mandarin Study

Science and Experimentation

The reason I really love learning and doing hands-on science starts with the fact that there’s never an end to what we can learn about the world around us! Whether that’s in something as simple as understand why the states of matter work as they do or outlining an experiment around the large and global problem of Climate Change and Green Energy. We need to work together to bring renewable, clean energy solutions into practice on a scale that will reverse the course we’ve put Earth on, and I know that science and math are the way to make that happen.

Avery Davis (7th Grade) recently competed in the Long Island Science Congress.

To have the opportunity to be a part of the solution to these world-wide and major issues is an amazing feeling and right now at least, I think my future will be spent in this pursuit.
My love of science developed around the age of five when I was first introduced to various camps or science classes. I was so eager to take my newfound curiosity about the world to ask questions and figure out why things work. Science to me is the best way students can express their interest in creative and resourceful ways and really learn and understand more about the world around them in an organized and effective way, using the scientific method.