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Hardwired Sensors

Window and Door sensors allow you to protect vulnerable entry points. This can be done with a magneticly sensentive switch that is closed when lined up with a magnet and tells the alarm system it is open when the magnet moves away. Another type of security door sensor is mechanical. It usually consists of a plunger type switch that is located at the hinge side of the door. When the door is opened the switch opens and would tell the security system the door is open.

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Super Mini Surface Mount (White or Brown) - 5 Per Set

Super Mini Surface Mount (White or Brown) - 5 Per Set

Self adhesive or screw mount with a very small size, about 1/4 inch by 1 inch. Mounting screws and self-stick strips included, Flange Snaps off for even smaller adhesive mount switch, 12" foot zip cord leads standard, Wide gap: 1" (12mm) Lifetime Warranty (5 Pairs each per set)

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XTP Overhead Door Contact

XTP Overhead Door Contact

XTP contacts withstand surges up to 2400 volts DC Adjustable magnet with L bracket Standard gap: 2" (51mm) Soft cure epoxy protects contact from moisture as well as damage from impact and offers unequalled protection from temperature extremes The unique "double case" design incorporates a transient protected, epoxy sealed inner case ... buffered by a rugged aluminum outer case to ensure reliability even when outer case is damaged or...

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Buying A Security Burglar Alarm Is An Investment In Your Future

Many people agree today that the world we now live in is a lot different from that which our parents and grandparents lived in. Statistics today show that a burglary now occurs every 14 seconds. So why wait until after your home has been burgled to get a diy security alarm system installed? There are hundreds of different burglar alarm systems available on the market today from national companies. They will all require a monthly fee with their alarm systems. If you do not want to pay a monthly you must install your own do it yourself security alarm system in a kit.

The security alarm systems now available are much more advanced and sophisticated compared to those available a few years back. All the alarm systems today are now designed to help secure your home against any intrusion. Unfortunately as home security systems have advanced, so have the methods that burglars use in order to gain access to a property. Just having chains or padlocks on your property, or even a very basic burglar alarm, is not sufficient to deter a would-be burglar.

However, by investing in a good alarm system, you will not have only peace of mind but also know that you have taken measures to ensure that your property and your family are secure. It is best if you choose a security alarm system that will protect both you, your family and home at all times of the day. It should not matter whether you are at home or away on vacation. Professional alarms can provide the best protection for your security needs.

By installing a good alarm system within your home, you know that you will sleep better at night because any potential intruders will see that you have a system in place and are likely to move on to more vulnerable property than yours. Not only is having a system practical but it can also be extremely cost effective. Many insurance companies will provide those homeowners who have a security alarm system installed on their property with a discount on their premiums. They even offer their customers larger discounts if they have their security system monitored by a professional alarm company.

If you are looking for more information on a diy burglar alarm, then the best place to start your search is online. There are lots of websites, including this one, which will provide you with everything you need to know in regards to professional security alarm systems and wireless cameras now available. So don't be caught without your own Security Alarm System, we can help you install  your very own do it yourself security alarm system today!